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4 factors that make a nasal aspirator safe

Do you remember the moment when you found that you have to clear your baby’s nose? You probably thought it was a joke and you didn’t want to believe it. “A nasal aspirator? What else will they come up with… Do I really need it? Is that even safe?!”

Most parents share your doubts at first. However, these uncertainties disappear once you find out how much relief a manual or electric nasal aspirator can give your child when their nose is stuffy.

But have you ever wondered which nasal aspirator would be the safest for your baby?

We’d like to give you a few tips on how to choose an effective baby nasal aspirator that guarantees safety, focusing primarily on adequate suction power. Let’s go!

A baby girl sleeping in a Moses basket next to the Nosiboo Pro Electric Nasal Aspirator

1. A certified medical device

It is worth paying attention to whether the nasal aspirator has a medical device certificate or not, as it’s not something obligatory to obtain in this product category. The medical certification ensures the safety of the product and also that the materials it’s made of are completely harmless. A device obtaining such a certificate had to undergo a clinical evaluation with the assistance of healthcare professionals.

2. Created with the help of ENTs

A nasal aspirator that is created with the help of doctors already at the design stage will be the best fit for the unique anatomy of tiny noses.  ENT pediatricians know what level of suction power creates the best balance between comfort, effectiveness, and safety.

3. The right level of suction power

The nasal aspirator should stick to the level of suction that is recommended by the international medical community. When your baby or infant has a runny nose or struggles with nasal congestion, you might think that the best way to get rid of it quickly is to use the strongest nasal aspirator possible.

It’s not necessary. Stick to the safe, yet effective suction power that a medical device should come with. Especially when a newborn has a cold, special care is highly desirable.

4. Technology matters

Did you know that there are different types of suction power that a nasal aspirator can come with? Pick a modern device that creates the so-called airflow, thanks to which the nose can be cleared effectively even on a low suction level. This type of power works well in open areas such as upper airways, reaching even the paranasal sinuses.

If you’re looking for a remedy for the baby’s runny or stuffy nose and you want to be sure that you go for the safest solution, then we encourage you to get to know the Nosiboo family of nasal aspirators!

These medical devices have been designed with the direct help of pediatric ENT doctors to ensure that their operation is best suited to the needs of a small child. All nasal aspirators from Nosiboo work with safe suction power, and they use airflow technology to clear the stuffy nose gently yet effectively.

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