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Nosiboo Go Nasal Aspirator Nosiboo Go Nasal Aspirator

We are presenting a new member to our product family, the Nosiboo Go Nasal Aspirator! This device makes a revolution in baby nasal hygiene: it is portable, rechargeable, and powerful. Ready to go anywhere with you! There is more to it – Nosiboo Go works with our newest technology (UPT) at a constantly high, effective suction power. Just put it in your bag and go!

Nosiboo Go has been created in the spirit of practicality providing instant relief for children on the go.
The Li-Polymer battery pack enables Nosiboo Go to be recharged without having to purchase any additional batteries.
UPT: ultimate power technology
Nosiboo Go runs thanks to our newest Ultimate Power Technology. This effective and unique, air-flow-based technology creates a constantly high yet gentle suction power.
Our engineers created the Penguin head to make the life of mothers and their little ones easier. The head is the only part of the device that needs cleaning after use. It can be taken apart in seconds and simply washed under running water.
While developing our product line, we exclusively use materials that are absolutely harmless to humans. We made this sure by strict and thorough testing.

Nosiboo Go is a new member to our product family. This highly effective, portable and rechargeable device is ready to go anywhere with you!

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