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How to choose a nasal aspirator?

Choosing the best products for your baby or toddler might be a hard nut to crack. It’s no different in the nasal aspirators category. Finding the best option for your little one might be a demanding challenge with so many alternatives present in the shops.

But that’s what we are here for!

We prepared a comparison that might help you decide.

Which one is the best nasal aspirator?

First of all, you should know what your needs are. It’s worth checking opinions, reviews, and rankings of the best nasal aspirators, but deciding on the perfect one is a personalized question that should depend on the child’s age, frequency of illness, and family lifestyle.

But overall, the device should be safe, made of harmless materials, working based on international recommendations when it comes to the level of suction power, and of course, it should be effective. The effectiveness depends mainly on the applied technologyhere you can read about what parameters to look for. Medical device certification is an important added value that ensures the safety of a nasal aspirator.

Mom with her son sitting on a bed, aspirating the child's nose with a Nosiboo Pro electric nasal aspirator

It is worth investing in a high-end device that is durable, as well as easy to use and clean, especially if your child gets sick often or if you have more children. The more comfortable the nasal aspirator is for the baby and the parents, the better. Its pleasant appearance might help as well – with a child-friendly design it will be easier to make the process of aspiration appealing for little ones.

And one last tip: the device will be in use more often in case of chronic diseases, so if it applies to you, then make sure that spare parts are available if something gets overused or lost.

We will compare the following types of nasal aspirators for you:

  1. Manual (mouth-operated) nasal aspirator
  2. Electric nasal aspirator:
    • plug-in,
    • battery-powered.

Manual (mouth-operated) nasal aspirator

It requires the power of your lungs to perform the suctioning. It might sound gross at first, but the whole process is hygienic and easy to carry out. Thanks to the smart design of our Nosiboo Eco, you can be sure that no secretion will enter the tube or your mouth, even though it doesn’t require any filters.

Somebody holding a Nosiboo Eco manual nasal aspirator above a smiling baby

This type of nasal aspirator might be an especially good choice for newborns as it’s very gentle – you decide what strength it should have. It’s comfortable to use at night or even when your little one is asleep – it generates no sound, so it won’t alert your neighbors that your child has a runny nose at midnight. It’s easy to transport due to its compact size – it should fit into any bag.

Electric nasal aspirator

Plug-in electric nasal aspirator

A convenient solution regardless of the child’s age – newborns, infants, and even older children can benefit from this type of nasal aspirator. It’s powerful and easy to use, that’s why it has become a favorite of many parents.

This nasal aspirator is powered from a socket, so keep it at hand in the nursery, ready for action when your baby has nasal congestion. If you choose a device with a cute design, it will even serve as a modern decoration of a room.

Smiling mom and her daughter sitting on a bed and using Nosiboo Pro electric nasal aspirator

The Nosiboo Pro electric nasal aspirator has adjustable suction power. It can be set based on how heavy the baby’s runny nose is. Thanks to the applied technology the whole process is quick and effective, but gentle enough to be absolutely safe at the same time.

Battery-powered electric nasal aspirator

A battery-powered electric nasal aspirator is a groundbreaking option, especially for those families who like to spend a lot of time outside. It will give your baby a break from a stuffy nose wherever you are.

You can charge this type of nasal aspirator at home and take it anywhere with you. It will fit in a diaper bag, and won’t take up a lot of space. It can be a lifesaver during walks on colder days.

Little boy near the waterfront in winter, holding a Nosiboo Go portable electric nasal aspirator

Our portable nasal aspirator, the Nosiboo Go, might be smaller than its bear-shaped brother, but it doesn’t mean that it is less effective. Thanks to our newest Ultimate Power Technology it creates a constantly high yet gentle suction power.

Which one is the perfect match for your family?

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