Based on 35 years of experience gained during my work as an ENT, I believe that aspirating the nasal mucus is highly advantageous and it is important to secure the nasal breathing! Aspiration significantly accelerates the healing process.

Doktor Hárságyi Erzsébet fül-orr-gégész
Dr. Hárságyi Erzsébet
ENT physician and audiologist
head physician

Aspirating the nasal secretion with a nasal aspirator is of utmost importance especially in the early childhood, because they are not able to blow their noses. A device like Nosiboo is ideal for aspirating the mucus because it operates gently and with an adjustable suction power.

Doctor Arnd Niehues, ENT specialist
Arnd Niehues
ENT Specialist

As a midwife, I’m very critical of electric nasal aspirators. I tested Nosiboo on my own children and we were immediately convinced! Its adjustability and cyclicality spares the nerves and the nasal mucous membrane of the children. My child slept through the night with a clean nose after only one use. Moreover, the device is less noisy than a vacuum cleaner and can be stored more easily. To my mind, Nosiboo is essential in the nursery so I recommend it to all expectant parents.

Susan Küpper, midwife
Susan Küpper
Birth House Erfurt

The biggest advantage of Nosiboo compared to the common nasal aspirators is the adjustability of the suction power and the truly easy and effective cleanability of the Colibri head. These features have convinced many mums. The softness of the tip is also worth mentioning. Besides that, Nosiboo is a handy little device that can be used quickly and easily.

Isabell Fendesack
Independent midwife – Midwife Service Rheine (Germany)

If the infant’s nose gets clogged, breastfeeding is seriously hindered. This is a common phenomenon during breastfeeding, which occurs frequently and influences the effectiveness of breastfeeding and eating, moreover the cheerfulness of the mother and the baby. With Nosiboo, the free breathing of babies can be easily secured because the nozzle end piece matches the anatomy of the baby’s nose, plus the seamlessly adjustable suction power enables a very early use.

Elisabeth Schneeflock, midwife
Elisabeth Schneeflock
Independent midwife – Birkfeld / Steiermark

Aspirating the nose is an effective therapy to cure common cold and rhinosinusitis in infancy and in early childhood which is proved by a series of evidence based studies ... By removing the nasal mucus in the right time with the right thoroughness, you also free the nasal cavity from most of the pathogens, the ventilation of the nose improves, the sleep is calmer and complications can be prevented. The NOSIBOO nasal aspirator provides a new option in this therapy. Easy to use, gentle, effective.

Professor Katona Gábor
Prof. Dr. Gábor Katona
Honorary university professor
Paediatric ENT Chief Physician, Heim Pál Children's Hospital

When a little child has a cold, they get often fretful because they can breathe heavily and it is much harder for them to eat. As they don’t get enough air, it is hard for them to swallow, moreover, the nasal mucus getting into the stomach and the intestines can cause nausea or even diarrhoea and vomiting. By aspirating the nose several times a day, we can prevent these and the bacterial respiratory complications starting from the nasal cavity.

Doktor Kinga Jókay, pediatra
Kinga Jókay M.D.
M.D. American Trained and Board Certified Pediatrician
Rózsakert Medical Center
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