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How to make friends with a nasal aspirator?

Children are not always aware of the fact that you only want the best for them when you clean their nose. If the baby has a runny or stuffy nose it’s crucial to get rid of the stagnating mucus so they can breathe freely again. However, aspirating the nose with an electric or manual nasal aspirator can be unsettling for the child at first, just like all the new things that they have to get used to.

Check out our 7 tips on how to make friends with a baby nasal aspirator to make the nose cleaning process comfortable and fun!

1. Start with education

Explain to your child why it’s important to clean the nose – mucus goes out, their nose is no longer stuffy, breathing is easier, and they will feel better.

2. The first meeting

Create an atmosphere of joyful anticipation of the nasal aspirator. Prepare your child for the little assistant that will soon come to the house to clear the stuffy noses. Show your child the nasal aspirator, and let them get familiar with it.

3. Tell an engaging story

Why not make up a nice bedtime story about a child who couldn’t play because he/she was ill and had a stuffy nose? In the story, the nasal aspirator is a friend who visits families and makes sure little noses always stay clean, so children can be happy again.


4. Pick a child-friendly design

If you choose a nasal aspirator with a child-friendly design, such as a bear-shaped Nosiboo Pro or a penguin-shaped Nosiboo Go, it will be even easier for you to make nasal aspiration attractive. Remember that your nasal aspirator is a friend from now on, not a tool. Don’t forget to give it a cute name! Especially when a newborn has a cold and doesn’t fully understand the facts and stories yet, the charming look of the nasal aspirator will be the main factor that diverts their attention from the nose cleaning process.


5. The first use

Demonstrate the use on a plush toy and explain that this is how you clear the stuffy nose. With your help, also have the child “clean the nose” of the plush toy to familiarize them with the activity.* You can also try it on yourself as there is no age limit for using the nasal aspirator. Funny faces are recommended! Afterward, ask if you can use the nasal aspirator on them and be excited about the whole process. Make it fun!

*Please remember that a nasal aspirator is not a toy! Don’t leave your child alone with the device, always be present while they are getting familiar with it.

If you want to know more about how to use a nasal aspirator, read our article here.


6. What a cool snot!

We all know that the little ones are interested in many things that adults find quite off-putting. Show your child what was sucked out of their nose – it’s guaranteed that they will be surprised and amazed at the amount of secretion. This way, they can also see for themselves that the nasal aspirator is really helping them.

7. Don’t force!

Don’t rush or force your child, try to introduce all these steps to make nasal aspiration comfortable for you and your little one. Of course, it’s way easier with a stuffy or runny nose in toddlers, as older children can already understand the facts and stories very well, but even in case of nasal congestion in babies it’s important to introduce the device step by step and in a cheerful way, as even newborns sense our mood and take it over.


If your infant or baby has nasal congestion, rely on Nosiboo’s child-friendly nasal aspirators. These safe medical devices are easy to like and use, making the nasal aspiration process more comfortable for both parents and children. You can read more about how to choose a nasal aspirator here. Which one will become your child’s best friend – the bear, the penguin, or the colibri?

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