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Where are the fathers?

A study conducted by Nosiboo amongst 5685 parents from 6 European countries showed differences in the mother’s and father’s engagement in taking care of their child’s hygiene.

There are countries in which hygienic responsibilities are usually divided between both parents and countries in which rather a mom-domination can be found.

  • Spain turned out to be a country where the most parents (61%) take care of their child’s hygiene together.
  • Hungary (59%) and France (58%) also lead the way when it comes to proportionate contribution in daily hygienic activities with the child.
  • In Italy and Germany the results are similar, close to 50%, with a slight predominance of mother care.
  • Poland remains a country where rather the mother is responsible for taking care of the child (57%).
Infographics showing information about what is the father's role in the selected European countries
The study was conducted by Nosiboo between May 25-29th 2020, via a web survey, amongst 5685 women from Hungary, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, aged 25-41.

Since dads are so important, why do we hear so little about them?

The communication addressed to parents very often focuses on mothers solely, not taking fathers into consideration. We believe that all the parents are heroes on equal terms.

A father clearing his son's nose with the help of the Nosiboo Pro Electric Nasal Aspirator

We asked our friend dad-blogger how he feels about the ubiquitous communication aimed at mothers.

More and more the SAHD (Stay at Home Dad) community is excluded from brand communication when marketing baby and child related products to parents. Society has changed along with family dynamics and if brands wish to target caregivers with their marketing messages they need to consider what a modern family and dad looks like. Dads both hetero and homesexual care for their children full time while their partners go off to work. There just isn’t enough inclusion and a male voice is often hard to find in parenting guides. We started our DadiDeal blog with this in mind and the response from male primary caregivers has been overwhelming.

Claude from @fouriefamcam 

Modern “dadding” is very important for us, since the idea of Nosiboo came from two young engineer fathers whose families had to deal with sleepless nights after their infants came on board.

Two fathers, inventors of the Nosiboo products, sitting on a couch with their children and smiling

After two years of researching, developing, and testing prototypes, these talented two created the final design of Nosiboo – revolutionary nasal aspirators, child-friendly and comfortable for parents at the same time.

Since the beginning, Nosiboo has not only been a “mom’s choice”. It’s a “mom’s and dad’s choice”.

Click here to learn how to choose a nasal aspirator.

All the supermoms and superdads out there – keep up the great work!

Our guide about nasal hygiene for parents will help you to prepare even better for the challenges of the cold season.

Which one is the perfect match for your family?

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