Why to use? Nasal inhaler

What is aromatherapy?


Aromatherapy is a way of holistic treatment, alternative to medications. This method is based on essential oils to enhance health and improve well-being. It boosts both physical and emotional health.


Why is it good for children?


Aromatherapy has got a positive influence on the body and soul, regardless the age. It helps children feel better in a gentle way. Our 100% natural, pure essential oils have been selected carefully to ensure their safety.


How does it work?


Inhaling essential oils stimulates the olfactory system – the part of the brain connected to smell. Sniffed molecules pass through the upper airways and from there to other parts of the body. They affect limbic system, the heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress, and hormones, helping to reach balance in those areas.


How can aromatherapy help my child?


Improves child’s mood

Relieves stress

Helps to calm down and sleep better

Provides a gentle way of treatment


About our essential oil blend


The ingredients come from biologically controlled farming and have been carefully selected to create a child-friendly aroma. Our essential oils are 100% natural and pure!

What is dry salt therapy?


Dry salt therapy is a 100% natural, holistic way of treatment, alternative to medications. The purpose is to inhale dry salt particles to enhance health, combat respiratory problems and inflammations.


Why is it good for children?


Dry salt therapy is absolutely safe for children and causes no side effects. It has been proven to be effective against popular childhood respiratory problems, such as allergies, frequent colds or asthma.


How does it work?


The inhaled air is being infused with salt. The salt particles are carried deep into the lungs down to the whole respiratory tract.


How can dry salt therapy help my child?


Relieves stuffy nose, congestions, sinus problems, common cold

 Mitigates early symptoms of respiratory problems

 Helps to decrease effects of allergies and asthma

Reduces inflammation of nasal passage

Shows antibacterial properties

Prevents respiratory infections

Reduces the need of medical treatment

Works gently, no side effects!


About our dry salt crystals


Nosiboo Snif contains 100% natural, hand-selected, raw salt crystals from the Praid Salt Mine – one of the biggest and most traditional salt mines in Europe. The fine grind salt ensures deeper respiration. Our salt has been tested and it has a proven effect of promoting better breathing and life quality.

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