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The sidekick every parent needs during the cold season

Not a runny nose again!

When your baby has a cold and struggles with nasal congestion or a runny nose, it can easily become a problem for the whole family. When unable to eat or take a full breath, a child can get fussy. What is more, when your baby’s nose is stuffy at night, they can’t sleep, and neither will you.

Your little one cries a lot when they have a hard time breathing through their nose, giving you a signal that something is wrong. Naturally, you don’t want your child to suffer so you try to ease their discomfort, which becomes a full-time job during an illness.

If your child is a toddler or a preschooler, then you know it too well that these little explorers never stop moving around, whether they have a cold or not. You can try to follow hard behind them with tissues and prevent the clothes and furniture from getting covered in snot, but let’s face it – children know how to leave traces of their presence in the most unexpected places.

That’s a lot on your plate. Do you really have to lose sleep and be out of energy because of your child’s cold?

Mom with her son sitting on a bed, aspirating the child's nose with a Nosiboo Pro electric nasal aspirator

Help is on the horizon!

Instead of waiting for the nasal congestion or runny nose to go away by itself, relieve the symptoms with the help of a baby nasal aspirator. Like this, you can make it easier for your child to breathe, restore their good mood, and give yourself more time to rest.

Happy baby = happy family!

We encourage you to read our guide about nasal hygiene for parents, so you can learn how to clean the little nose properly and why it’s necessary to do it.

Reach for a Nosiboo nasal aspirator to get a trustworthy assistant, a runny nose expert, who will be at hand in the children’s room and even while traveling.

A child holding a doll next to a Nosiboo Pro electric nasal aspirator

Why Nosiboo?


The nasal aspirators from Nosiboo work efficiently, removing stagnating mucus from deep cavities, which not only facilitates breathing but may also prevent the development of more serious diseases.


All the Nosiboo nasal aspirators are medical devices made of harmless materials, which makes them safe even for newborns. Their suction power has been set based on international recommendations.

A mom and dad together aspirating the nose of their baby with a Nosiboo Pro electric nasal aspirator

Comfortable for the child

Thanks to the child-friendly design it’s easy to like Nosiboo. Explain to your toddler why it’s important to clean the nose and introduce the usage with the help of plush animals. A good hint: you can give a funny name to your Nosiboo (simple “bear” or “penguin” should also do the job).

Easy to clean

The Colibri/Penguin head can be taken apart in just seconds. Wash their parts in lukewarm water with liquid soap. Leave them to dry. That’s all!

Easy to use

Just a flip of a switch and you are ready for action! No filters are needed.

Little girl outside in warm clothes holding a Nosiboo Go portable electric nasal aspirator

Are you looking for an efficient, safe nasal aspirator? Get to know the family of the Nosiboo nasal aspirators – powerful, certified medical devices, designed to be child-friendlyeasy to use and clean. Which one will become your assistant when a runny or stuffy nose attacks? Choose and click below to learn more about it.

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