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Extra chromosome, extra nasal care

Runny nose… Do you also tremble at the sound of these words? Then you must be a parent.

We’ve all experienced those hard times when our children cannot breathe properly, making sleeping and eating very difficult for them. And what if we had to deal with this not only a couple of times a year but on a regular basis?

This is what children with Down syndrome have to cope with. Their unique facial structure and developing immunological system make them vulnerable to chronic rhinitis and sinusitis.

But we have good news! Several types of treatments are available, that may help go through those tough periods easier. One of them is removing congestion with the help of a nasal aspirator. No more tears!

“So far I have used many nasal aspirators. And each time there was a “but” when it comes to the way of use or performance. Nosiboo already pleases the child’s eye with its appearance – Aurelia always has to turn it on and off herself and she is happy when we use it. Before it was not so easy and pleasant for us. The suction can be regulated, so we can easily adapt it to the current needs. “

Aleksandra @mama_i_wyjatkowedziecko

Each nasal aspirator in the Nosiboo family is for clearing little noses quickly and effectively, providing comfort to the child, and supporting the parents as well. Otolaryngologists have helped to develop these high-quality medical devices, to ensure their safety and efficiency.

The cute design makes it easier for the child to become friends with their Nosiboo. The whole process takes only seconds – and done! Happiness starts with clean nostrils!

“Sickness hit us hard this week. I swear it always comes out of the blue and about knocks us off our feet. I always feel so much comfort knowing we have our Nosiboo to help get the boogies out of the boys noses. We have had one since Case was a baby, and recently got this new portable one that is so handy for the diaper bag.”

Andrea @incaseyouredown

Every baby and every sickness is different. Your life stories, problems, and life challenges differ as well. But one thing is constant – when a runny nose hits, you’re looking for a reliable solution to ease your children’s discomfort and prevent serious complications. Get to know more about nasal hygiene from our useful and cute guide for parents.

Nosiboo is here to help and support you and your little one. Without exception. Nosiboo to the rescue of all sorts of little noses!

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Main picture: @katherinejbetanzo


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