Why to use?

Allergy-like symptoms

Allergy-like symptoms can appear already in early childhood.


How can you recognise the symptoms?

The symptoms may be sneezing and itchy eyes, the mucous membrane of the sinuses can swell producing immense amounts of secretion.


Why is it a problem?

By blowing the nose, secretion can be removed from the upper section of the nasal cavity, but it flows back into the maxillary sinuses and due to the anatomy of these, it cannot discharge. The stagnating mucous secretion is a culture medium for bacteria and viruses and can cause acute sinusitis.


What can you do?

By the combined use of saline solutions and nasal aspiration, you can remove the allergenic secretions stagnating in the sinuses and flush out the nose. By doing so, you can prevent superinfections and relieve the symptoms of runny nose, sneezing and itchy eyes. Moreover, you can reduce medication and the use of medicated nasal sprays.

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