Nosiboo Snif bio Aroma Set Nosiboo Snif bio Aroma Set


This bio Aroma Set is designed to be used exclusively with Nosiboo Snif.
Replace the bio Aroma Stick with a fresh one and let your child enjoy the inhaler again and again!


Nosiboo Snif bio Aroma Set includes:

2 natural aroma sticks

Nosiboo Snif bio Aroma Set
aroma-stick2x composed-by

The Happy Orange essential oil blend has been created exclusively for Nosiboo by Panarom. The aroma opens with notes of sweet orange and juicy grapefruit, bringing refreshing sensations. Enriched with vanilla oil, this fragrance gives an immediate boost of energy and loads of positive feelings. Happy Orange reminds of a sunny, summer day full of fun.


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